Follow these Care Tips to ensure your products stay as Snugg as the day you first felt them.

Luxury Linen to Suit Your Lifestyle

With all premium linens, their price and opulence comes from the fact that the finest linen fabrics follow the artisanal ways of washing.

Our linen is delicate and true to nature – being a luxury product – and as with all items that sit within this category, it requires its own level of care.

For optimum Snuggness, care for your Snugg products as follows:
  1. Wash on a gentle cycle – cold or lukewarm – and wash the linen on its own.
  2. Opt to hand wash/soak your linen to minimise friction and prolong the lifespan of the fabric. Why? Because our more delicate interlocked cotton fabric will last longer if you avoid the agitation of a constant machine wash cycle (even if you use the gentle setting, it is not the same as caring for it as we suggest).
  3. To prolong the lifespan of the fabric, please always rotate your sheets with at least one set on the bed and one on the line.
  4. If you choose to rotate less than we suggest, you’ll need to keep in mind that it is to be expected that the fabric (especially your fitted sheet) may show signs of wear earlier.
  5. Snugg linen should NEVER be ironed (a feature that we absolutely love)!
  6. Use a gentle liquid detergent – do not bleach and do not dry clean. We recommend pairing our Snugg Linen products with Plain VELD Boerseep (available on our website) for the best fabric care experience possible.
At Snugg Home, we also want to help you to be environmentally friendly by saving electricity! Please do not tumble dry your Snugg Linen, and always opt for line drying.
It’s all about making life more comfortable…
Our Snugg Linen Size Guide - Size does matter
Single 135 x 200
Three Quarter 150 x 200
Double 200 x 200
Queen 230 x 200
King 230 x 220
Superking I 260 x 220
Superking II 260 x 230
Superking III 260 x 240
Single 190 x 90 x 35
Three Quarter 190 x 105 x35
Double 190 x 137 x 40
Queen 190 x 152 x 40
Queen XL 200 x 152 x 40
King 190 x 182 x 40
King XL 200 x 182 x 40
Standard 70 x 45
King 90 x 50

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Regular Mattress Dimensions

Extra Length Mattress Dimensions